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APEXhome is promoting Oracle Application Express for development of web applications. We are Oracle people and have been working with Oracle solutions for more than 28 years.To mention some of the areas we have been  working with:

Application Express , Forms & Reports, Application Server & Portal, Project Administration, Oracle e-business suite, Oracle DBA, PLSQL/SQL development, Java development.

Our goal is to give clients professional Oracle Application Express solutions.

We make partnership with the best APEX people around the world. From APEX forum and many different blogs the APEX community has shown that it is many highly skilled APEX people around. When it comes to deliver the best possible solution for our clients we can in some cases sub-contract the whole or part of the job.

What kind of solutions can we make?
With APEX we are able to build baisicly any kind of solutions for you. One very important feature with APEX is that it makes your company save time and money, make solutions fast and secure. Another good thing is that you can bee able to build solutions yourself whitout investing several months of learning. You can see some nice APEX demo features here for intranet solution we made .
In fact we don't know that many tools that can create data centric applications at the speed of APEX have a look at some software solutions made.

Design and style

We arrange for designing and styling your application to your corporate look and feel. This include template design, web design, layout design. Tekna Colorline Nanset Standard

Training your people

We help you with training your people. This make your company build skills in modern web 2.0 development

Hosting your application

We help you deploy your application for web. This enables your company to deliver software as a service (SAAS) to customers.