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Since its inception in February 2004 as a feature of Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Application Express has seen tremendous uptake, with hundreds of thousands of downloads, and thousands of customers with secure, scalable web applications deployed into production. Oracle Application Express is now included in Oracle Database 11g as a standard database component. website with 16,000 workspaces currently active! is a no-hassle, hosted version of Oracle Application Express provided to Oracle Technology Network subscribers. Launched in June 2002, it provides a quick way to evaluate or experiment with Oracle Application Express, simply by signing up for a free workspace. The service is a tremendous success, with more than 16,000 workspaces currently active.

Oracle continues to invest in the development and support of Oracle Application Express and new versions of Application Express will be released at least annually.

Latest update figures are:

Developer community - Estimated at 250k, 100k+ downloads / year - 3m page views / week, 16k workspaces
Active Discussion Forum - 3.6m views, 41k threads, #3 on OTN
5 Books, 50 BLOGs, 10 Hosting Partners
Major Focus of ODTUG including APEXposed Conference