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Reduced development time because...

This saves time!

  • Because can make use of many different wizards, which speeds up development time.
  • Page, Region, Button, Item, Process copying ability save times.
  • Because APEX lets you prototype, easy to switch from development to run time in a single click.
  • Because changes are immediately visible to customers, no compilation or deployment needed.
  • Quick edit links save development time.
  • Regions (page 0 elements) which can bee displayed on many pages save time and make reuse of code.
  • Authorization schema rules control access to elements in application, saves lots of time!.
  • Use of shared objects makes it easy to reuse objects.
  • Builtin security saves time.
  • Makes it easy to jump between the Development environment and the application elements.
  • View session state information easily.
  • And lots more...

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