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About APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is one of the fastest growing technology attending new users from the Oracle community. APEX is delivered free of charge from Oracle.

APEX is a rapid web 2.0 development tool (RAD) based on only a web browser to make the development and deployment of the application. The tool is default installed in Oracle 11g database. Prior to 11g you have to install the APEX into database 9.2.03 or higher.


Project administration

We have been developing software solutions ranging from small business solutions to bigger solutions. We have skilled people which can controle the development process and give customer the trust which is need to reached the goal.

A typical APEX project include different functional skills to deliver the solution (project leader, web designer, developers, customer). All the people involved in the project could bee located at different places. Since APEX development environment is based on only a browser it makes it perfect for iterative development and makes it easier to administrate the project.

Design your APEX datamodell

Starting from the ground we help your company come up with the data model for your application. We make the Entity Relational (ER) model first and the generate the code from the tool. The process is iterative and new items can bee added during the project. A good data model is the foundation for making success. If you have designed the data model well you can then run wizards in APEX and make reports and data entry pages very fast. This gives the customers a good feeling of how the application will behave.

Build application prototype

With APEX we can come up with prototype of parts of the application very fast. One of the strongest part of APEX is the wizards which give the development process a kick start in producing ready to run pages which customers can test and make comments about the functionality.

Build application

We build the application for you and this is an iterative process where you as a customer is involved during the whole build process. Since APEX is browser based and deployment takes immediate effect, customers can see the result once we have made any changes to the web page.

Style your application

Through our partnership with professional web designers and APEX theme developers which build the structure of the page-layout and come up with the look and feel of the website according to the customers requirements and your corporate design. These templates is based on modern web 2.0 requirements such as XHTML and CSS styling.

Install and setup APEX for your company

We help you install and setup APEX for use in your company. If you have Oracle database already installed we can install into existing database or we can setup database also. Using Oracle Express edition (XE) which is free to use your company don't have to pay license cost to get started.

Host your application

If your company don't want to make hosting yourself we can arrange hosting for your application. We have made partnership with professional APEX hosting partners You get SQLplus, FTP, SSH login access to the database and data can bee upload using export/import or excel data files , csv files etc.

Train your people

If your company want to build skills in APEX for in house development we are pleased to make training course for your people on-site or remote. We also arrange workshops training and also plan to invite some of the best skilled developers from time to time.

Be a partner for APEX questions

Working together with us gives access to ask questions about APEX and Oracle. We are more than happy to help you get up and running with APEX as fast as possible and other technology questions we might bee able to help you with.

Migrate Other Applications to APEX

If you have Oracle Forms applications and want to migrate this into web application we can help your company whit this. We have many years experience with Oracle Forms and combined with the migration workbench in APEX we can fast give a estimate of how much work have to bee done manually and how much is done automatic. If you have Access applications running we can help migrating to web and new technology.

Open Source and APEX

Due to the fact that APEX development environment is running inside the oracle database does not mean that you are bound to Oracle database. We can setup a cost free solution using Oracle Express Edition database 10g as the development platform and using Oracle's Heterogeneous Services to access data in your open source database platform. If you have Mysql, PostGre-SQL or other databases which have access through ODBC we can setup db links and make view and stored procedures to query and maintain the data. We use Oracle's Heterogeneous Services to gain access to the data.