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Training your people

If your company want to build skills in APEX for in house development we are pleased to make training course for your people on-site or remote. We also arrange workshops training and also plan to invite some of the best skilled developers from time to time.

If you want to speed up your skill in APEX it is well worth to spend some time on professional training. For example a introduction training class will give you the nuts and bolts you need to make your own application in very short time. In this training class you will learn how to build robust applications using many of the features APEX provide.

After working with APEX for some time you would perhaps like to raise your skill to a more advanced level. Then attending a advanced training class focus more on the advanced usage of APEX. This could bee learning how to use javascript/AJAX features, using collections, security, integration with LDAP servers, building your own authorization schema, how to make PDF documents, how to use webservices, themes and templates, using shared components and lots more.

To get a feeling on how to develop applications in APEX you can look at some "howto" examples on the links on this page.